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Low Rider

Matt couldn't open the door tonight because he had frozen yogurt  for us.  I went to the open door and he said his pants were falling off.  it was hilarious, because they really were!  He was a gangster!  It was hot.

My husband is hot!

The past couple of days have actually been quite stressful.  But today was much better.  We moved the desk into the living room to help with studying and whatnot--and can you believe it? It actually works. I find myself doing hw pretty much all day.  Give or take a few hours due to feeding, cleaning, changing diapers and of course Dr. Oz.

I think we finally got the vehicle situation handled.  After how many weeks? Months?  I can't stand that dealer.  Whatever.  We are getting our money back.  I am excited. This way, we get our money back and get a better vehicle.  It just needs to be done. We are going up north on Saturday and I am very excited. Enough messing around!

In other news. we have a chunky chew for a dog. Poor Secundus had put on sympathy weight.  We didn't realize how chubby he had gotten until we put his leash with the strap on him.  It use to pretty much hang on him and now it's snug.  Poor guy. Winter hit him hard. The weather is getting warmer, so I fully intend to go for run with him and baby.  I didn't get a sports stroller for nothing! 

I just ate some frozen yogurt and I feel like a cow.  No wonder I am having such a hard time losing weight. It's okay. I will just make sure to work extra hard tomorrow. 

Oh, Emmalyn totally smiles for real.  I mean, she has been for a while now, but today I really noticed it. She had just woken up from her nap and I came to see her.  She had the biggest smile on her face when she saw me.  SHE IS SO CUTE!


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