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Biggest Loser

I never really watched the show, but today in aerobics class, or any time I am in that class, I really feel like I am a contestant.  Look at that chubby girl trying to do high kicks. Okay, so I am overexaggerating. But I really struggled today in class.  It wasn't so much the endurance part, because I have noticed my endurance is better.  It's my lower back that is giving me problems. I think I need one of those back straps.  You know, like the knee wraps?  I need one for my back.

Tonight we also went by Greg Dart's house to pick up the CD of the pictures he had taken of us a couple of weeks ago. They turned out so good!  I am excited to print them out.

Today is also Emmalyn's 2nd month of life!  I can't believe how quickly that time has gone by!  It's seriously so crazy! I wonder how many diapers I have changed. How many hours of sleep did I lose?  How many pounds have  I lost?  24 pounds.  I still have 34lbs to go to be back to what I was before I found out I was pregnant.  Oh dear.

On a side note, I really hate the show, "Secret Life of an American Teenager."  The word, "sex" is said every 5 seconds.  I am not even kidding.  Seriously, I don't ever remember that word being said that many times when I was growing up.  High school was about football games, dances, and hanging out on the weekend.  That cracked out show is all about getting laid.  Geez.  What a horrible depiction of teenagers. I mean, I know hormones are raging at that age, but as Matt says, "chill!"

I also think I have an addiction.  Sugar. I seriously want a cookie. I want a baked cookie with pink homemade frosting.  The only thing stopping me from making cookies is the fact that I need one more egg. I know! I know! I am a sick person! Maybe if I just eat a spoonful of sugar my craving will go away. Life is rough.

Apparently RSV is spreading throughout Utah. Of course, I am freaking out about Emmalyn.  I have a Dr. appointment on Wednesday so I will be sure to ask a bazillion questions.   Before then I am just going to watch Emmalyn like a hawk.

Dear Blogspot, livejournal wins.

So, I tried to whole blogspot.  I just couldn't bring myself to let go of livejournal. Plus, I grew frustrated ith all the different gadgets and whatnot.  I guess I just didn't have the patience to familiarize myself with its gadgets and whatnot.  I suppose I was just looking for an excuse to stay with livejournal. Sure, they have advertising now (which is super lame) but I can deal.  Plus, I'v had this journal for the past 8 years.  How can I abandon what I has grown with me?

So, despite the fact that all my other journal enteries are locked, I have decided to open this up to the public. Namely family to see how things are going with me and whatnot.   I am currently taking a small break from my  homework.  Emmalyn is in and out of sleep.  Secundus is sprawled on a couch cushion.  I have to pee, but I will wait.  Yes, I know I am asking for a bladder infection.

I worked out with Cindy this morning.  Let me tell you, I am so out of shape.  I wish my belly wasn't so flabby.  It feels gross and squishy.  I mean, I didn't have a flat belly prior to pregnancy, but I now have a flabby one.  It's disheartening, but it has helped me to exercise.  I guess I want results right now, but I know that it is impossible.  I don't blame my little precious angel for the extra 30lbs I am currently carrying.  That was all me.  That was the pizza, the pickles, the bizarre food cravings I had.

Hopefully by summer I can be looking slimmer.  I'd like that. But for now, it's frumpy clothes.  Hey, like on the mission!

the end.

The Proposal

Matt picked me from work. I had a hunch that something was going to happen so the night before my roommates helped me pick out a cute outfit to wear. Matt had me put on a blindfold and we chatted as we drove.

We arrived at Palisade Golf Course. I wasn't sure what to think, but I went with the flow. We hopped in a golf cart and drove. It was a beautiful evening, as you can see from the picture of the sunset. We got to one of the last holes and Matt motioned for me to sit down on the grass.
We chatted for a bit and then Matt snapped his fingers. His niece and nephew came out of nowhere with chips and salsa. Perrin had a flower for me. I thought it was so cute! They also brought out soda in wine glasses.
After we ate some of the chips and salsa, Matt snapped his fingers again, and they came out with salad and breadsticks! I was so shocked and I thought it was so cute! I can't even remember what we were talking about, but all I do remember is how I couldn't believe this was all happening. I couldn't believe how perfect this evening was going!
when we were done eating the salad, Matt again snapped his fingers and they brought out chicken enchilidas. I wasn't sure if I could eat more! But Matt knew that chicken enchilidas were my favorite so I welcomed the meal. It was amazing. Matt said he made them himself! Again, I was impressed. It was delicious. Matt told me that I had to save room for dessert, and I just stared at him.
We chatted for awhile and then Matt snapped his fingers. I kept imagining chocolate cake for some reason. Anyway, Matt told me to look at him and that I couldn't peek at the dessert. I heard soft footsteps on the grass and then Matt told me to turn around. The youngest neice, Rilee, had a small black box in her hands. It was open and I could see a sparkling diamond ring. I looked at Matt. He then said, "Will you marry me for time and eternity?" I looked at him and at the ring and I said without hesistation, "yes!"
He took the ring from the box and tried to put it on my middle finger. I almost laughed out loud, but refrained. I told him that it was the wrong finger, and showed him the finger it was supposed to go on. He didn't believe me, and that's when I started laughing. Finally, after putting the ring on the correct finger, we kissed.
From behind us a chorus of voices yelled, "What did she say?!" We both yelled back and I had said yes. We walked over to them and we all hugged. Amber, Dayle, Emily and all the kids were there. It was seriously such an amazing night!
And in the picture it looks like the ring is on my right hand, but it's just the way I positioned my hand to get the both of us in the picture and my left hand. The ring was beautiful and since I didn't get chocolate cake like I had hoped to, we went and bought some.

Mar. 28th, 2004

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