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I am pooped.  I have been so swamped with hw, tests, and papers.  I mean, I understand that I had some lazy days in the past, but honestly, some days were enveloped with Emmalyn.  She is a handful, and she has those days, too. I can't wait until this semester is done.  Then, I can have the summer of fun! Of course, if we get that job in Manti, then it won't be as carefree as I would like it to be, but I am okay with that.  If I could have a rent-free apartment that has high ceilings, then I am all for it.

I am hungry.

okay. bye.

94 years of life

My great grandma passed away yesterday.  She left this world with a loud sigh, says the nurse that was watching over her.  My mom had called my phone 3 times and Matt's 2.  Both phones were in the living room.  Around 7am, I got out of bed to feed a fussy, hungry, Emmalyn.  Matt cam into the living and as usual, check his phone.  He told me my mom had called.  He checked his phone and she had called him too. 
I instantly knew.
My mom answered in one call.  Another clue.  She told me that Abuelita passed around 2am. I had gone to sleep at 2:30am Utah time.  When I hung up I told Matt.  At first I was fine, and then the tears came.

But my feelings are bittersweet.  That is the only way I can really describe what I feel.  When I saw my abuelita the week before, she did not look comfortable.  She could no longer speak, for reasons I am not sure of.  She opened her eyes once when I began speaking to her. I didn't even know what to say.  So I would tell you about what we were going to do. Then it occurred to me that I didn't want to make her feel bad that we were going to leave and do all these things that she couldn't do and so I was tongue tied. I rubbed her arm instead and scratched her head like how I like it.  I love when people play with my hair.

We visited with her a lot over the week.  I am not going to lie; it was hard for me.  It was a lot to take in emotionally.  To see her just lay there not being able to do anything for herself. I remember thinking how much I wanted Heavenly Father to take her.  I know that if she were gone from this world, she would be so much happier.  So when my mom told me what had happened, a part of me was reliefed, but then the other part was sad.

We left thursday morning. Wednesday was such a blur.  So many things happened.  We didn't visit my grandma.  I didn't take the time to go and visit her.  I watched movies instead.

I feel guilty and sad that I didn't get to see her one last time. It's almost eating me up inside.

Today has been quite the day. I went to take the car to get inspected.  The tags expired last month. Uhm. yeah, I know.  It completely slipped our minds, even with a nifty reminder in the mail. Anyway, I finally requested Emmalyn's birth certificate! It's been nearly 2 1/2 months.  Charlotte hung out with me because I need to kill an hour.  We just hung out with her husband and her dad and brother at work. 

Our car passed inspection and I paid the $126.50 to get our car registered.  Why, oh why do things have to be expensive? I don't understand.  Can we just live the law of consecration already? I also went to the post office to tell them that Matt broke the lock with his brute strength. I thought for sure that they would charge us for a new lock, but they didn't!  At least some things are free. Not gas, though. That went up. LAME.

At least I did some homework today. I have just been on the go until about 5pm. Then things kind of calmed down, but then didn't at the same time. I tried to wash dishes, cook dinner and watch office, all at the same time. How cool am I?

Is it Saturday yet? I just want to be in California already.


So, Zales has no idea where my wedding ring is.  What makes matters worse is that Fred Meyer Jewelers no longer makes my engagement ring. sigh. I don't know what Zales is going to do.  They said they would replace it, but I don't think that I know about Fred Meyer. The whole thing is ridiculous.

Emmalyn has been waking up around 4am.  It's so hard for me to say awake when I am nursing her. Secundus barked everytime I fell asleep.  Could it be that he was making sure I was awake to nurse Emmalyn?  Even though sometimes I get really frustrated with him, he is a very lovable dog.  He can be a pain in my rear, but he really is a keeper. 

This weekend we will be in California and I am truly excited.  I pray that the weather is going to be really nice.  At least we can say goodbye to Ephraim for a little while.

I dont have much to write. Sadly, it will have to wait when I have more inspiring things to say. Time to go rearrange the nursery.

Low Rider

Matt couldn't open the door tonight because he had frozen yogurt  for us.  I went to the open door and he said his pants were falling off.  it was hilarious, because they really were!  He was a gangster!  It was hot.

My husband is hot!

The past couple of days have actually been quite stressful.  But today was much better.  We moved the desk into the living room to help with studying and whatnot--and can you believe it? It actually works. I find myself doing hw pretty much all day.  Give or take a few hours due to feeding, cleaning, changing diapers and of course Dr. Oz.

I think we finally got the vehicle situation handled.  After how many weeks? Months?  I can't stand that dealer.  Whatever.  We are getting our money back.  I am excited. This way, we get our money back and get a better vehicle.  It just needs to be done. We are going up north on Saturday and I am very excited. Enough messing around!

In other news. we have a chunky chew for a dog. Poor Secundus had put on sympathy weight.  We didn't realize how chubby he had gotten until we put his leash with the strap on him.  It use to pretty much hang on him and now it's snug.  Poor guy. Winter hit him hard. The weather is getting warmer, so I fully intend to go for run with him and baby.  I didn't get a sports stroller for nothing! 

I just ate some frozen yogurt and I feel like a cow.  No wonder I am having such a hard time losing weight. It's okay. I will just make sure to work extra hard tomorrow. 

Oh, Emmalyn totally smiles for real.  I mean, she has been for a while now, but today I really noticed it. She had just woken up from her nap and I came to see her.  She had the biggest smile on her face when she saw me.  SHE IS SO CUTE!

Weekend Adventures

It all started Friday.  Aubree celebrated her birthday in Orem at Classic Skating.  Amber rode in the car with me and it was really nice.  I like talking to her; she is easy to talk with. The party was really fun. I ate way too much, and that is why, my friends, I am a chunky chew. Oh well.  They let me skate with the stroller, so Emmalyn was able to have fun!

We didn't get home until really late, so Matt and I skipped out on playing games.  It was mostly because I was incredibly tired. Saturday I literally had to peel myself off the couch.  We went over to Britton' house to see a marketing movie.  We decided not to go along with it, but the program would be nice. 

Sunday, again, I had to peel myself out of bed to get ready for church. But church was really good. I really enjoyed Relief Society and Sunday School.  I learned a great deal.

And...now the weekend is over.  I can't wait until it's Friday!

life is like a box of chocolates...

They have been playing Forest Gump a lot lately.  I like the movie though.  Mainly becuase it's so unlikely that  a man influenced every major famous   person and event without trying.  And, Tom Hanks is a really good actor. He plays all his roles as if he were truly that very person. 

Today has been nonstop.  I have been studying for my lab final exam.  I just want it all over with already.  I went and finished some at the lab.  Charlotte watched Emmalyn for me. Then we went to workout at that church.  It was intense and it was nice to have more people than just me and Cindy.  Hooray for workout buddies.

I missed my tutor class, mainly becuase I really need to feed Emmalyn.  I ended up going for a walk because Secundus kept pestering me.  Poor dog.  All he wants is some lovin'. It wasn't too cold.  But Secundus kept wimpering because he just wanted to be let go and run wild. i.dont.think.so.

We were going to play games with Bo and Kesley, but I never really got a chance to study because Emma got fussy. Plus, she doesn't like mexicans.

Matt made chocolate chip cookies.  I blame Matt for not being able to lose weight. hahaha!

the end.

You want me to do what?!

Yoga is not for fat people.  Half the positions my instructor wanted me to do were nearly impossible due to my belly.  All I could think about was if I would be able to do them prior to my pregnancy.  Don't get me wrong, I don't hate that I got pregnant and got fat.  I thoroughly enjoyed all the food I ate.  Cookies, McDonald fries, pickles, cheese, los amigos...oh the list goes on!  I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Today has been semi productive. Emmalyn had an appointment to get her shots.  Sad day!  Well, when I got there, I realized they scheduled me with the wrong doctor!!! I had to wait over an hour in the room for my doctor to see Emmalyn.  It was not fun.  But thankfully, she fell alseep, so at least I didn't have to deal with a fussy baby.

She now weighs 9lbs 8oz!  She is in the 16th percentile, so she is a little low, but the dr. wasn't worried about it.  Of course she cried when she got her shots, but she didn't cry for a long time.  When we got home (an hour and half after our original appointment time) I fed her and she went right to sleep.  Afterwhich I accomplished a lot of homework.

In Aerobics class, of course, we did yoga.  I was not happy when I realized this. However, one of the moves Charlotte was having trouble with and the instructor tried to help her.  It was in vain, because Charlotte couldn't keep the pose. It was hilarious! I mean, I couldn't do it either, so I suck too.  Again, the belly was in the way.

Matt and I watched 2012. LAME. But we watched it.  I mean, it had its parts where it was pretty intense, but as my geology teacher said, it's pretty much impossible.

Emmalyn is doing a lot better. She is moving her legs, which is a good sign.  I am glad.  I hate that she is in pain. I wish I could take her pain away.  Oh, I love her so much.  After I fed her, Matt was burping her and I just couldn't believe how cute and little she is.
I have the prettiest daughter.

things to do tomorrow

  • buy good hand sanitizer
  • workout with Cindy and go to the gym
  • give Emmalyn a bath
  • finish geology labs
  • work on Health and Wellness homework
  • sign language tutor class
  • ping pong tournament?

too heavy for kicks

I one of the worst dreams ever.  You know how in dreams when you run, it feels like you wear a billion tons?  Ugh.  That's how it was in my dream.  I was running from the institute to our apartment and I literally could not lift my legs.  I was struggling so hard and was actually kind of embarrassed that I couldn't run faster.  What does that mean?  Is something holding me back? Maybe it's my weight. 

Emmalyn has a dr. appointment at 10:30am.  I am so nervous for her.  She gets some shots today.  I have to go to walmart to get some tylenol drops for her so she doesn't feel as much pain. Oh poor thing, I don't want to her to cry...

I have not been as productive as I should have been today. My legs are incredibly sore from working out with Cindy.  It literally hurts to get up from the sitting position.

In more important news: EMMALYN GIGGLED TODAY!

It was the cutest sound ever. I was playing with her and she was telling her stories.  I began kissing her hands and that's when she giggled! I couldn't believe it! It was amazing.  I say this because earlier this morning I had a dream that she was really a demon child.  Yeah, I know, totally random.

We went grocery shopping today. We spent A LOT of money.  And seriously, our refridgerator looks empty!  That is my biggest petpeeve!  I am just going to put all our canned food in the fridge from now on. I'll show them!  (not sure who them are..)

I would now like to devot a section of this journal entry to my amazing husband.  Matthew Martin (Fartin') Lyons is my favorite person.  He seriously makes me so happy.  Tonight he brought me into the kitchen and we slow danced to "Your Guardian Angel." It reminded me of times right after we got married. It seems so long ago that we've been married!  We've been married 14 months now.  And we have a beautiful baby girl.  I can't imagine how my life would be if I had not met Matt. He is such an amazing person and I love him.